Breaking Monotony Of The Stereotypical Education System
breaking monotony

Breaking Monotony Of The Stereotypical Education System

Studies and exams are a perquisite necessity for the formative years of a student’s life. Studying is meant for students to gain knowledge and understanding the skills they need to propel themselves forward in lives.

Exams are a way to test you, as a student, and see where your capabilities lie. They teach you the value of hard work and consistency and helps you cope with both success and failure.

Unfortunately, education in today’s times have moved further than anticipated. Students are seen succumbing to the pressures of studies giving rise to psychological distress. The unrealistic demands and expectations brought on by their environment puts considerable amount of stress to them.

To keep up with these expectations and the growing competition, education has lost its spark. It now is just of what it used to be. Students, nowadays, have lost sight of how fun and exciting gaining knowledge can be.

Academics need to change their style and put things in perspective. Students should look forward to acquiring and gaining knowledge instead of something they face with a sense of dread.

What Steps Has RGBS Taken To Break The Monotony? (Breaking Monotony)

RGBS has engraved a huge success story for itself and deservingly so. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled faculties speak for itself on the unembellished record RGBS has. These facilities are paramount for students who come to RGBS from all over India.

Highly advanced teaching pedagogy and methodology make the education at RGBS much better. The monotony of the stereotypical education system is effectively broken at RGBS.

Our teaching method involves a wide range of interactive activities that focus on the all-round growth of the student. RGBS believes in enriching our students with important values and culture.

We take a more holistic approach to education to guide and encourage students to do their best.

Listed below are ways in how you can break the monotony of studying aside from how RGBS does it in a classroom environment.

Study With The Right Attitude

Studying isn’t all about gulping down chapters and mugging up lines from textbooks. Studying can be a lot more enjoyable if you approach it with a sense of curiosity and learning more about things that may fascinate you.

Take Frequent Breaks

Studying continuously without taking a break would be emotionally harrowing. You are not allowing your mind and your body to take from the difficult task of studying. A well rested mind is fresh and more capable of taking in knowledge.

Walk around for a bit, squeeze in some workout routines, watch your favourite TV show or read a book for a while, or hang out with your friends. This is how you break the monotony from studying and make it more sustainable.

Focus On Sports And Extra-Curricular Activities

As mentioned above, having a healthy body is equally important as having a healthy mind. Sports and extra activities should be encouraged so that you can open up new horizons. This way, you can maximize your potential and release yourself from the boredom.

Plan Your Studies Well

Planning out makes things have better clarity than mindlessly tackling books. Plan out which subjects you should study. Don’t keep difficult subjects or chapters side by side. Instead, keep an interesting subject in between to break the monotony of it.

At RGBS, we try our best to break away from the stereotypical education system. We bring to them a more practical approach which involves more interactive sessions.

Social Support Is Important

An exam time doesn’t mean you have to enslave yourself toiling away in your room day and night. Go out with your friends, do the things you enjoy doing, and make sure you talk about anything and everything besides studying.

RGBS focuses on the all-round development and growth of students. Besides the regular sessions, the student will learn self-discipline and leadership skills to become just, impartial and noble individuals.

In Conclusion

At RGBS and RCM (Regional College Of Management), as Group Colleges, believe that every student is unique and possesses distinctive talents. These talents lie above and beyond the flair of academic learning.

The students must follow through with these talents and carve a name for themselves after they graduate. society imposes the generalized ides that defines success by the financial standing of an individual.

For that, students must approach their goals, not allowing anyone to belittle their dreams or standing in the way of it.

In order to encourage this, RGBS gives them ample opportunities to grow both individually and professionally. They have chances to participate in events and inter / intra-institution activities for practical learning.

Giving the students the best college life experience and never let them succumb to the monotony of traditional education system is of paramount when it comes to RGBS (RCM Global BSchool)

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