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Career in Marketing after PGDM: Benefits, Scope, and Opportunities

Marketing is one of the most highly rewarding professions in the Indian market, and it has always been a very challenging profession since the very beginning of the “branding era”. With the new industries setting up almost every day, the competition in the market has been cutthroat. You will find a minimum of 15 varieties of rice at the same price in the market and the same is applicable for other goods and commodities starting from gadgets to everyday goods that you consume daily, for example, the refined oil that you use to cook your food every day. With the consumer having various options in a single commodity or services, the competition to be the priority in the mind of the public has increased and that is where the marketing superstars swipe in.

Nobody is a marketing superstar by birth neither marketing job is made for everyone. One requires additional skills apart from academic qualification to be suited for this profession like developing marketing campaigns, conducting research to identify and define the target audiences, good communication skills, presence of mind, leadership quality, hardworking, team player and a never give up attitude. If you have all the above-mentioned qualities, then you should go for PGDM that is Post Graduate Diploma Management. Before we start talking about PGDM, we must understand the difference between PGDM and MBA. 

Master’s in Business Administration is a degree course. On the other hand, Post Graduate Diploma Management is a diploma course. Students think that a diploma degree holds less value as compared to a master’s degree, but the assumption is quite wrong in real life. Top Management Colleges of Odisha like Regional College of Management offers PGDM Marketing courses.

career in marketing after pgdm

Benefits of PGDM In Marketing:

The topics that are covered in PGDM are essential in understanding and analysing the market. The topics that are included in the syllabus such as: 

  • Marketing Communication.
  • The principal of Marketing and Management.
  • Market Research and Consumer Behaviour.
  • Business Strategies.
  • Advanced level of Digital Marketing.
  • B2B Marketing Strategies.

Professionals related to the marketing area have an in-depth understanding of the market by doing detailed research, conducting product sales promotion through both online and offline modes. Career building in the marketing field itself is a leap of faith and once you take it you will be rewarded accordingly. So, we are going to tell you, is it worth taking that leap of faith?

Higher Placement and Job Opportunity

Like we discussed earlier the market is full of competition thus the job opportunity in the field of marketing is high and at the same time, it is rewarding too. Companies hire marketing executives and managers throughout the calendar year who can push revenue for them. With the help of your PGDM professional degree and other required side skills, the chances of you getting into a company are always higher than that of any other person in the market. 

High Career Growth

A company has various job roles, and every job role has different importance in the smooth running of an establishment. Not all job roles have a similar level of growth. Jobs related to Marketing has undoubtedly a higher career growth as compared to another sector of an establishment. Marketing itself has its types and is an ever-evolving field. Be it traditional marketing methods or digital marketing methods, if you excel well, you grow well. 

Socialising and Networking

What makes PGDM different from MBA is the practical industrial-based knowledge that is given to the students. However, some skills no matter how well they are taught makes sense only when applied in practical scenarios. The art of communication and networking by building up a client base is taught in the colleges, but the way you socialise depends completely on the side skills you have. Marketing requires a heavy communication skill and based on that you socialise and make a chain of networks for business growth.

Incentive Rewards

It is rightfully said marketing is a highly rewarding job and most of the time the incentive is higher than the salary itself. The better you perform, the better your incentive and salary get. The salary of marketing professionals is higher than that of any other sector of an establishment. Once you have achieved your target the incentives get bigger and bigger. 

Personal Growth

People from a marketing background are always smart because marketing comes with personal development and growth in terms of skills that are never used in full potential in other sectors of works like closing calls, identifying the target audience, convincing skills, communication skills, grooming and presentable skills etc. 


Several sectors are waiting for you starting from private to the public after you have finished your PGDM.

Private Sector:

The private sector absorbs most of the marketing PGDM students, as Multinational companies and many start-ups are looking forward to taking marketing pass-outs into their team. Once you are done with your PGDM, you can apply for any on and off-campus placement for the roles of digital marketing executive, digital marketing manager, brand manager, business development manager, marketing manager, sales executive, Leads Analyst.

Public Sector:

Marketing professionals are required everywhere even in the public sector, most the companies from public sector won’t come to the college from placement as they have a different exam, one who keeps an eye on those exams can apply and achieve it. The lessons that are taught in PGDM, makes you a perfect candidate to push revenue at any sector. 


It is okay if you don’t want to work under someone, you can be your boss. With the marketing strategies, you are taught in PGDM you can easily apply those marketing strategies for your start-up too. With good communication skills and client networking, one can easily lift their start-ups to new heights. Attracting and retaining customers is something you have learnt and applied during your PGDM courses. This will make you more than ready to face the world.


When you understand and know the market, you can influence the market too. You earn money by giving marketing ideas to business and help them grow. Decent consultancy fees will be given to you after they do business with your ideas. You can either have and run your consulting business or you can be a part of a consulting firm either.  

PGDM in marketing will provide you with various career opportunities in the market. If you are a superstar who understands how the market works or have the talent to suggest new marketing practices, then you will be a successful marketing superstar very soon. The market is always changing, and it has evolved with time. With digitalisation coming into the picture, traditional marketing will soon become a page of yesterday. It is not a cakewalk; it comes with its problems and challenges and if you can overcome that no profession is higher rewarding than marketing.  

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