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Case-Based Learning Approach In PGDM

case based learning approach in pgdm

Education in the field of management has been constantly evolving and progressing in the past few years. This has opened up a torrent of opportunities for PGDM courses including B schools like RGBS in India. The best PGDM course in Bhubaneswar, RGBS, is a leading Global B school that has portrayed its creative skills in building up a student’s career as an entrepreneur.

Learning from RGBS, our exclusive and effective Case Based Learning methodology ensures that the students get 100% results in all walks of life.

What Is Case Based Learning?

Many people wonder about the meaning of Case Based Learning. We are here to clear any and all doubts on the topic. This teaching pedagogy involves employing some very creative and experiential methods of learning which make the students tread the learning curve in an accelerated pace.

It has quite a few differences from traditional and conventional classroom learning that relies heavily on lectures and textbooks.

To maximize the outcome from Case Based Learning, faculties have adapted to modern methods of teaching that are vastly different from traditional ways of teaching.

In Case Based Learning on online platforms, students are more involved while asking questions and the learning sessions are more interactive and flexible than rigid teaching methods

The modern faculties in contrast work through facilitation of a thought process for the students to apply their intellect and create a shared understanding amongst students.

To achieve the outcome of making learning more case based, institutes like RGBS, for their PGDM program use different techniques. Methods such as guided discussions, project works, problem analysis and case studies.

This prepares them to take on difficult challenges that wait for them once they leave institutes and take assignments in the corporate.

The students develop the methods of applying the theories and principles that they have learnt in the classroom and understand the impact that they make in various situations.

To achieve this in a classroom, using case studies has become a very popular and useful method of instruction for both, faculties and students alike.

Advantages Of Case Based Learning

Case Based Learning is a modern take on learning that changes the entire concept of traditional teaching. The advantages are:

  • It provides students with varied opportunities that enable them to see theory in practice. Students can get a clarity on how a decision hold the power to impact different participants, both positively and negatively.
  • It requires students to analyse data figure out a solution. Instructors who have taken up case-based learning say that their students are considerably more engaged, interested, and involved in the learning sessions.
  • They help develop analytic, communicative, and collaborative skills along with content knowledge.

Why Choose To Take Up PGDM Course In RGBS?

The main thing that sets Case Based Learning apart is the role of the students. They have the main role as their gain is directly proportional to how successful they’ll turn out to be in the real world.

With the new way of learning, they can learn to be more diverse, intelligent, and more experienced than the others.

And This Is What Sets Us At RGBS Apart.

Our case-based Learning model is designed to keep you interested, involved, and on the edge of your seat.

We encourage a new activity every week such as think polls, problem-solving exercises, short essays and so much more to make the sessions more engaging and instructive.

With our PGDM program and new business concepts, learn through our 6+ Global Certifications taught by world-renowned faculties.

Apply your ideas on how to solve issues in a matter of minutes. With all of the training inculcated from our Case-Based Learning, leave the program with a broader outlook on the world.

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