Details Of The Courses And Its Pedagogy:

RGBS provides exceptional opportunities to aspiring management students who are looking to enhance their skills in various sectors for a better job prospective. Our flexible approach to modular learning is crystal clear in our exclusive school in Management Studies. We at RCM, are passionate about delivering high-quality education to our students and push them towards reaching milestones in career through management skill acquisition.

Our highly extensive certification courses provide a wide variety of academic qualifications. They offer a multitude of purposes keeping in mind the requirements and interests of the students. They serve to bridge the gap between different sections of academic life, and to provide the students with professional training and qualifications to help them get through all hiccups in their professional life.

At RGBS, we provide 6 certificate courses exclusively for you. 


5 to 6 months of each Certification Courses is provided to the students for a blend in quick and effective learning.


The courses will be a combination of Online Classes with Live sessions given by highly skilled professors from UNIC, via video conferencing. The classes will commence weekly twice on Mondays and Thursdays. The classes will be occurring for 5 hours.

Faculty from UNIC will visit India and deliver some important topics and course closure courses onsite at RCMT Campus of RCM Global B-School for 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

Certification Program

Certified Network Security & Cyber Defence Management Specialist

With the ever-growing fast pacing changes in the world of Technology, the necessity for Cyber Security is more important now than ever before.


Certified Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Join our AI certification course and be in the loop of one of the fastest growing technology in the world.


Block is a revolutionary breakthrough that, after taking a certificate course, will let you in on the way industries do businesses from supply chain tracking to real-estate transaction processing.