Certified Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Specialisation

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence has essentially taken over the world, and rightfully so. AI is transforming the way we live, work, and play with its evolving technology. The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course’s extensively designed curriculum will render it possible for the student to achieve breakthroughs towards understanding fundamentals so they can be prepared to take on real-world problems and ensure a secure career for the future.

By the end of the course, the student will emerge with a vast experience in the field of machine learning as well as knowledge of Artificial Intelligence that would allow them to come up with intelligent designs all on their own.

Enroll in the Certification Course to become experts in one of the biggest growing fields of computer science now.

This course provides a holistic view of modern network security including operating system hardening, firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, VPNs and Encryption. Physical Security, Standards, System Security and Security Policies are also included.

Advanced Certified Course Data Science RGBS

What is included in this course?


High-quality videos with in-depth content


Modular structure – student-directed path


Knowledge Checks at end of each module and the course


Lab Guided Exercises and answer files


6 months 24×7 remote access to a virtual lab


Instructor email support


Digital Certificate of Completion

The course curriculum for Data science and Artificial Intelligence is as provisioned below

  1. Data Science in Real Life (MSDA100)
    • Online Teaching
      • Fundamental knowledge of Data Science
    • Classroom Delivery
      • Data Science in Business context 
      • Understanding Data Science applications
  2. Data Science with R (MSDA103)
    1. Online Teaching
      • Business Analytics
      • Various R Packages
    2. Classroom Delivery
      • Master R Programming
  3. Python for Data Science (MSDA104)
    • Online Teaching
      • Implementing concepts of variables
    • Classroom Delivery
      • Understand the nuances of lists
      • Work with data in Python
  4. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (MSDA300)
    • Online Teaching
      • Fundamental concepts
    • Classroom Delivery
      • Supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning
  5. Deep Learning Fundamentals (MSDA301)
    • Online Teaching
      • Deep learning models
    • Classroom Delivery
      • Deep learning platforms and software libraries
  6. Natural Language Processing (MSDA303)
    • Online Teaching
      • Text processing and applying TF-IDF
    • Classroom Delivery
      • Applying parts-of-speech and extraction on focus words

Job Prospect for Certified Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Specialist

There’s a wide range of possibilities after a student has completed the AI Certificate Course. The prospect of having a career as a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Full stack developer, Software architect, Data analyst, Data warehouse engineer and many more will be available for a student.