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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs In Developing Countries 

As far as the world of women entrepreneurs’ performance is concerned, the position of them in developing and developed countries are not that different. Women, in general, seem to have a lower growth rate expectation in a firm that men. The same goes for those women who also control different sectors. 

Evidence suggests that the primary concern for a woman in the world of entrepreneurship is not about the growth but about surviving. This may suggest that habitual female entrepreneurs in developing countries tend to be portfolio based rather than serial entrepreneurs, as they attempt to maintain income sources and survival chances. 

To truly understand women empowerment, policymakers of today need to address the constraints put on a woman. For that to happen, we need two changes in world view – First, consciousness needs to be shifted—overturning internalized constraints and aspirational barriers that keep women in situations of subordination—and second, cultural beliefs about gender and power must be challenged. 

Women Entrepreneurs

Teaching Life Skills And Providing Technology Solutions 

Women hold a powerful role for bringing development. They are so often the sole breadwinners of a family as well as handling all the responsibilities of a household. They have to ensure that everybody in their family is well fed and clothed. They are also the main energy providers in developing countries since they manage purchases and supplies of energy. 

Considering the fact that women, without a sustainable power source, spend three hours on an average collecting non-renewable fuel for cooking and are the first to die from pollution-related illnesses. In this, they are the biggest sufferers from the energy gap. 

This makes a woman’s empowerment that much of a difficulty and a challenge for anyone who wants to bring about a change. A change must be brought if one wants to ensure a transition to a sustainable social model that bridges the gender gap and ensures achievement of their huge potential, contributing to a reduction of inequalities around the world. 

How RCM Ensures Empowerment To Women Entrepreneurs 

Ensuring that the women in a developing country like India receive the much-needed empowerment, drives the key factor for RCM’s active Women Empowerment Program. Through active participation and partnership with various powerful women entrepreneurs, we have come up with a successful program that will work on: 

  • improving hard and soft skills 
  • facilitating women’s access to the labour market 
  • fighting cultural and gender schemes 

The Women Empowerment Program by RCM has supported and given confidence to various entrepreneurs throughout its existence and trained women who were struggling to find their position in a job sector. 

We also provide specific training to those budding women who have the zeal in them to make it big in the corporate world. In RCM, no student has to cave in to the discrimination that happens in the world. 

Consistent with our vision of addressing development and inequalities at all levels, we have been setting up programs designed to bridge development gaps through training and entrepreneurship. 

The program brings forth the emergence of female leaders through our conviction and commitment to gender equality and reduction of inequalities. With RCM, we invest in creating tomorrow’s leaders.  

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