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Avoid Burnout: Finding Work-Life Balance In College 

If you’re thinking of going for a job while getting that degree, a million thoughts might be going in your head. “How will I get the time to do either?” The answers lie in how you maintain your time effectively to create a perfect work/life balance.  


Deciding on a lot of things to do with your life may lead you to keep unrealistic goals for yourself. Initially, you might be overexcited to eat healthy, fix a schedule, study an hour every night before going to bed and working out every morning. Trying to implement all of these are a difficult goal to achieve for long term.  

Instead, you can start smaller, with more realistic and doable goals as stepping stones for reaching your ultimate goal. Aim to study 30 minutes every night, work out three days a week, and eat healthy whenever you can. These will lower your stress to overachieve and make you feel good as you tick off your goal’s checklist.  

Work life balance


Don’t try to do a lot of things together when it comes to managing course requirements, work, and personal obligations. As soon as you receive your course curriculum, dish out your time that you might need to prepare for important exams and assignments. Prepare a schedule to divide your responsibilities and time away from work so you can dedicate to studying.  


It is crucial to use the time up that you’ve scheduled for yourself wisely. To help keep your work life balance going at a set pace, set out a list of tasks you want to complete in the order of their priority.  


Eating healthy may not seem like a big deal but it can affect how you function. Greasy sugary and carb heavy foods, if consumed constantly, can make you feel tired and sluggish. It will take you more time to feel focused and energetic. Be sure to eat healthy and drink lots of water.  


Online learning can be a blessing in disguise that allows you have plenty of time for work. You no longer have to waste your time travelling to an institute to attend your classes. Even in your own home, you need to establish a space for your concentration.  

Minimizing distractions isn’t just about preparing the right space for studying. You also need to make sure you’re straying away from all distractions, including your cell phone. Social media platforms and messenger apps take the top position as being the most distracting aspects in life. Don’t be bothered to check them unless it is an emergency.  


All the hard work that you’ve put while juggling a job can burn you out pretty quickly. They can make you irritable and stressed. Plan out small treats to reward yourself after you achieve one of your small goals. Go out with your friends, have a movie marathon, treat yourself to a pizza, or go out on a lovely walk or an evening of cycling.