How does Virtual Internship benefit you during COVID-19?

How does Virtual Internship benefit you during COVID-19?

When the pandemic came down upon us, no one could’ve predicted the huge magnitude of the disruptions that showered. Lives were affected and every aspect of sane lives lost any semblance of normality. Whether they were a high school student, college or university student, or experienced professional in the corporate world. Everyone had the same look on their faces, the look of despair.

Despair at the failure of their plans for trips, internships, job aspects, and education as a whole. Every plan ever made was plagued by the uncertainty caused by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Life, as we knew it, had come to an absolute standstill for an uncertain and indefinite amount of time. In these times, students, especially from the MBA, BBA, BCA, PGDM etc. faced the harshest hurdles.

The uncertainties in their job aspects, the completing of their education, and being devoid of any proper training came crashing down on them. The outbreak of the virus created a cornucopia of mess that stood as an ultimate test to the resilience for an institute to adapt. However, even with the chaos running around, institutions looked on the silver lining of things.

While thinking up of innovative ways to get the regular sense of life back, institutes have shifted to online virtual classes. Using a wide range of platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. they’ve opened up to the world of digitization. Companies across the globe have also taken to collaborating and conducting meetings and work-from-home options for employees. And this is where the opportunities present themselves on a silver platter for students.

Numbers That Talk

2020 has turned remotely working as the new norm. More and more people have been opting to go virtual in these dire situations. This choice has been made popular with the increased use of video conferencing apps and virtual class apps. Students have been turning to virtual internships to get the most of academic experience for a better and brighter future.

Professional Development

It is pretty much self-explanatory that internships give you experience that is absolutely crucial towards becoming a professional. Interning for a company in your field of interest will get you the experience you need to secure a proper job. You will get to work with industry specialists and experts where you can learn and built successful careers for yourself.

Through internships, you can broaden your horizons and your knowledge in the field of your choice.

For students, internships prove to be an invaluable work experience that plays a heavy role in securing a career after graduation or post-graduation. While working as an intern for a company, interacting with more experienced peers or seniors will provide industry insights and commercial awareness. It will help prepare you to embrace a work environment that you previously had no contact with.

Working for internships also opens up a mountain of potential in your area of interest that would be useful when looking for a job.

Flexibility in Virtual Internship

Working for companies as interns provide the added advantage of having flexibility in terms of office hours and duration. It gives you the perfect balance in your work-life that allows you to work as and when you feel comfortable. The flexibility drastically reduces the pressure that comes with working in an office. Additionally, virtual internships give you the peace of mind that in turn increases efficiency.

Generally, students opt for internships during the months aligning with their university or college vacation time. Flexibility in virtual internships allows student to stay productive while interning and simultaneously catching up on their students. 

Travel, Time, And Cost Cuts

Looking at this pragmatically, the best benefit of Virtual Internship is that it cuts down on expenses associated with commuting to the workplace. Students who aspire to go abroad for internships get intimidated with the travel expenses. With virtual internship, they no longer have this as their concern and can fully focus on their professional development. This opens up a plethora of possibilities to intern anywhere and get a boost in your CV.

Earn Credit From Your Institute

Universities and colleges encourage their students to take up internships to gain the experience and the knowledge in their preferred area. Additional credit is offered to them on completing their internships. At RCM and RGBS, we are constantly looking opportunities to present to our students that would be the stepping stones towards career development. For this, we offer credit for internships and train our students with the proper hard skills and soft skills to get selected as an intern in their dream company.

In Conclusion

We constantly seek to provide our students with career opportunities beyond the years that they study with us. The future success of our students is of paramount importance, yet we also know that this success does not happen instantly. Therefore, RGBS’s Career Centre provides the personalized support to deliver successful outcomes for students pursuing traditional and non-traditional PGDM career paths.

Our team of career coaches spans every major industry, function and geography. These experts bring decades of industry experience and PGDM coaching experience to help RGBS and RCM students learn and excel in the internship and job search process.

We understand the necessity for students to opt for virtual internships. We also take the factors in mind that a virtual internship is vastly different from being present in the office. At RCM and RGBS, we carefully handpick our internships that would present our students with the maximum advantages and experience required to flourish in their future.

Our mission is to ensure that global events, distance, and time zones do not prevent our students from accessing quality professional development opportunities across the world.

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