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Overcome Pandemic With Futuristic Approach

With the advent of the unprecedented and unexpected coronavirus pandemic, the entire word faced a stand-still in various sectors in one’s life. In these trying times, humanity is pushed to their farthest to cope up with the devastating effects, forcing them to display their adaptive capabilities.

We, as a species, have really come together to cope with this dystopian world. This Pandemic time is crucial for job seekers to develop leadership qualities and a dynamic approach towards life to help sustain them.

Mankind’s Aversion To Crisis And Disaster

Mankind’s greatest inventions in history have often been a response to the crisis. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Blood Banks, Sanitary pads, Duct Tape, and even the concept of gravity, things which are ubiquitous today, were all conceptualized during periods of extreme human hardships.

If we look closer to the present times, Tata Steel, the essential ‘Made in India’ steel behemoth can attribute its huge early success to the enormous requirement of steel during the First World War era.

A Silver Lining The Pandemic Has Provided For The Jobseekers

Three distinct systemic shifts are quite apparent and can be a precursor to job seekers on the skills they would want to inculcate for a better future in the post-pandemic world.

1) The current pandemic is proved to be challenging to the human society in profound ways, questioning systemic underinvestment in healthcare infrastructure, low-cost housing, and systems of health and hygiene. Health, Safety, and Hygiene could be the new mantra moving forward.

2) Similarly, it has shown the power of technology as an enabler in the continuity of work, ordering your favourite fruit at home, or ensuring your child does not miss out on essential education. E-Commerce, Edtech and Digitisation, in general, are booming and the trend is likely to continue on.

3) The pandemic has also shown the fragility of global supply chains to regional disruptions enabling a new push for local-made products and services.

A lot of the import-dependent sectors like Electronics, Furniture, and Medical Devices will see large investments in manufacturing in India. Organizations, new and old, in the above-mentioned sectors would need skilled professionals who can combine analytical astuteness with focussed domain knowledge.

Adaption Is Key Post Pandemic

In the VUCA world of today, agility is the key for organisations. It will define which organisations can adapt quickly as well as  thrive and which will perish, either acquired by someone else, or die out completely.

Dynamism, the openness to learn, and most importantly, the ability to break down complex problems into smaller ones will define future leaders. A start-up bent of mind will, therefore, be crucial for future job – seekers.

While I have devoted my attention to address the skills needed for job – seekers, I would also like to highlight that it has never been a more opportune time to become an entrepreneur in this country.

Cost of capital is at historical lows, there is a strong push for local manufacturing and there is an ecosystem that rewards rather than punish entrepreneurship.

Today, and mainly in the post pandemic world starting a company does not require even a single physical visit to any of the government agencies. For start-ups, most compliances are on the basis of self – certification.

To conclude, I would like to highlight that the pandemic is essentially a historic re-set. How to capitalize on the opportunity is for each one of you to decide your individual paths.

About The Author

Abheet Dwivedi is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and was the Former advisor to Minister for Commerce & Industry, Govt of India The writer, Abheet Dwivedi, is a proud Alumni of IIT KGP and IIM Ahmedabad.

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