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PGDM Or MBA: Answering The Age-Old Question


This is genuine confusion when it comes to choosing PGDM or MBA while deciding your business and management qualification. Hopefully, this article will clear all your doubts. 

Talking about the differences between the two courses, PGDM or MBA, might be easier than you think. Master’s in business administration, or MBA, is a degree course that is offered in both Private and Government Universities.

Even Colleges that are affiliated to these Universities have a degree course of MBA to offer to their students.  Meanwhile, Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM, is a diploma course.

PGDM specifically offered in B-Schools or colleges that are recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Government of India’s nodal body for technical education. 


How To Choose Between PGDM and MBA?

While choosing between the two courses, it is of crucial importance that you as a student understand your goals and needs. For a career in corporate sector, the best option is to go for a B-School or college.

Furthermore, selecting an educational institute should be done solely on the reputation of the faculty and the curriculum the institute provides.

PGDM B-Schools have been reputed to give a tough competition to IIMs and MBA Colleges across the globe. Out of 100 top B-School in India, 75 of them offer a PGDM Course. Many top PGDM B-Schools are recognized to be at part with MBA when it comes to higher education like M.Phil and Ph.D.

Top Reasons To Choose PGDM over MBA

When it comes to choosing the perfect degree to fulfil your dreams, it is crucial that you understand what you’re getting into and what you will receive from that. To know the pros and cons of a PGDM course would make you familiar with the degree you’re going to dive into.  

1. Industry-Oriented Course Structure

The curriculum is more industry-oriented as compared to its peer course, MBA. The structure of the course is kept in accordance with the latest developments and requirements. Where MBA remains text-book heavy, a PGDM degree will have a more practical approach.

2. Specialization In Any Field in PGDM

With PGDM, you can have a specialization in your areas of interest. For instance, if you want to pursue in the field of Human Resource Management, then you are given freedom to select minor subjects like Marketing/ Finance/IT/Project management which will ensure that you get a competitive edge over your peers.

3. Preference For Higher Studies

Due to the practical and real-world approach with which the faculty teaches a student doing a PGDM Course, they have an advantage over other MBA students and a chance to pursue higher education.

With a PGDM course, you can be assured that you won’t just get a degree, you will be trained with skills that will get you ready for the leadership and managerial skills you’ll need for a successful career. These skills will come especially helpful to thrive in the competitive world of corporate life with ease.

Why Choose A PGDM Course At RGBS?

A PGDM course will come with a gigantic amount of advantages that will have you secured for life. At RGBS, we provide 6 Global certifications where you get to choose any two international certifications of your preference is the biggest strategic advantage of our course that makes it one of a kind.

Our industry-relevant curriculum fits every students’ career interests-taught in an environment known for close, collegial, professional relationships between faculties and students. 

Teaching Pedagogy of PGDM

Quality education and learning has the power to transform an individual’s life by raising aspirations and by providing opportunities needed to convert those aspirations into reality. 

The teaching pedagogy at RGBS is unique in every prospect, with its one-on-one interactive sessions, life skills development, and global outlook that keep one thing and one thing in mind- 

So, you can be exceptional leaders in both business and society. A PGDM course with Our PGDM profile includes: