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RGBS Alumni

At RGBS, we have a built-in network of a tight-knit, supportive community whose strong ties help you with mentoring, hosting treks, participating in our Careers in Business series as well as preparing you for interviews. We help you develop connections through our employer and industry partnerships, by planning trips and treks, and facilitating peer-to-peer mentoring. RGBS is where you’ll make the connections that you’ll build, maintain, and give back to throughout your career. 

Employer and industry partnerships

With its deep industry connections, RGBS alumni help students discover employment paths through our Careers in Business series and various on-Grounds events and conferences that focus on skills, industries, and employers. 

Trips and treks

With our corporate, employer, or alumni partners as our hosts, students travel on site to get a feel for what it’s like to work in various industries.  

Peer-to-peer advising:

The RGBS community is a supportive, collaborative community. We actively engage your peers in industry-related panels and programs and also help facilitate peer-to-peer connections through various activities on campus. 

Through our programs, trips, and mentoring programs, Career Services can help you access the resources that make our community so supportive. You can be sure that the network you start to build as a student will be the one that sees you through career shifts in a dynamic global workplace—and it will always be a community that you’ll support as it supports you. 

Our inspiration to make a difference comes from the power of our Alumni Network.

RGBS alumni are strategic partners in our continued success. Around the world, our dedicated alumni provide critical financial support, offer invaluable services and opportunities to students, and support our faculty members in their teaching and research.  

alumni mentor

Our Alumni as Mentors

Mentorship takes many forms: from serving as a class guest speaker or a panelist on an industry discussion, to offering advice at a one-on-one coffee chat. Regardless of the format, being a mentor creates vital connections and provides an avenue for our alumni to share their expertise with young people as they prepare for life after RGBS.

Alumni Trustee

Alumni as Trustees

The RGBS Trustee program creates special opportunities for committed and involved RGBS graduates. This program empowers Trustees to engage with the RGBS community by serving as representatives on behalf of the School and strengthening its alumni network. The small amount of time Trustees dedicate each year by participating in events, assisting with communication efforts, and supporting fundraising goals makes a big difference in the future of RGBS.

Alumni Career Guide

Our Alumni as Career Guides:

Our alumni play an important role in helping students launch careers and pursue meaningful internships. Whether you are looking for the right recruitment opportunities or are interested in exploring unique student engagement, our alumni are always ready to help you.

Our Alumni as Virtual Speakers

In all our virtual events, our alumni business experts speak on crucial business topics or connect with classmates on a virtual happy hour. On all our social media platforms, they lend their voice to share good news, events, exclusive opportunities, time-sensitive announcements, and all things RGBS.

Our inspiration to make a difference comes from the power of our Alumni Network.

Direct company engagement has always been a cornerstone of the RGBS experience. Our vast alumni network carries this legacy forward year after year by hosting RGBS students on industry-focused treks and transformative global experiences. Alumni working for companies of all sizes—ranging from startup ventures to Fortune 500s—provide students with a unique perspective of how commerce shapes communities, nations, industries, and cultures.  

RGBS Community Help Each Other Succeed - In University & Throughout Their Careers.

The campus will become your second home, and these people—your classmates, professors, and staff—will become your family. You can count on them to support and encourage you at every turn, from learning a difficult business concept to interviewing for jobs. 

With a network of 15,000+ alumni and 15,000+ graduates, RGBS helps you Define Your ‘Experience’