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Industries We Cater

Our PGDM+ Global Certifications open doors to many opportunities. With the technical, analytic, and communication skills you acquire while in the program, there’s no limit to your career opportunities. Whether you are interested in accounting, analytics, finance, or consulting, our graduates are uniquely qualified team members who are highly sought for the range of talents they acquire at RGBS. Our top employers in 2019 include Tata Steel, Coca-Cola, P&G, Audi, Bayer, Union Bank, Decathlon, and 300+ companies.

Collaboration at RGBS

We are committed to partnering with companies and connecting them with our diverse body of outstanding students, all part of an innovative, and world-class business education. Our partnership with organizations bringvaluable expertise and critical financial support to RGBS and are essential in developing successful future business leaders.  They, in return, get the opportunity to recruit highly competitive business students, collaborate with faculty on cutting-edge research, and benefit from a long-term partnership with one of the nation’s top-ranked business schools. 

Page BreakOrganizations that come to our college for recruitment are introduced to highly driven, top-caliber students. We recognize the importance of an effective and successful recruitment strategy and work closely with our students to well-prepare and groom them for their job interviews. Let us help connect you with fortune 500 companies. 

How RGBS brings in corporate sponsors?

Corporate support plays a crucial role in ensuring RGBS’s prominent position at the forefront of business education. Vital contributions from longstanding partners who provide funding for cutting-edge classroom technology and invaluable, real-world experiences and foster a meaningful connection to the college include recruiting for future employment with the Fortune 500 & 200 companies. 

Our partners’ enduring association with us gives students a means of using the company’s recent marketing efforts in the classroom for theoretical and practical study. Seminars, workshops, and competitions sponsored by RGBS have facilitated additional ways for students to develop problem-solving strategies to understand the corporate environment, refine leadership skills, and understand the nuances of the business world.  

Beyond complementing our dynamic classwork with authentic, illustrative case studies and innovative technological tools, our corporate partners extend internships to suitable candidates that give them the chance to build on their experiences with firsthand, real work responsibilities.   

So, while the relationship has yielded long-term careers for our graduates within the company, our mutually beneficial connection with our partners expands the ability of our students to get into Fortune 500 companies.  

Yet doing 100% Placements is not our end goal: The priority is guiding them along their path. “Ultimately, if we can provide students with experiences that give them a clearer vision for where they see their career taking them—even if it isn’t at company of their dreams—it is success for us.