4 Decades Bold Legacy

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4 Decades Bold Legacy

“Legacy”: From the very inception in 1982, we were radical in our approach, curriculum, and people. The country needed leaders who could go beyond classrooms and shape careers and life-moment by moment; the state needed an institution driven by passion, imparting knowledge and sharpening skills with ethics and values at its core. 

The scenario inspired to build a pedagogy rooted in learning rather than teaching, transforming rather than educating, promoting self-motivation rather than blind following.  Talented students and faculty were empowered to pursue studies in cutting edge trends in business and management, to venture into unknown areas, gain first-hand experience, become rounded multi-dimensional personalities and emerge as global leaders.  

In all these years, our faculty and students have been driving innovation and application- working through schools, centers, and a growing network of industry tie-ups, collaborating with peers across Universities and across geographies.  

RGBS scholars have consistently advanced the frontiers of knowledge- going beyond classroom learning, engaging in research, Seminars, National & International Conferences, and Industry exposure- Local as well as International. All the while, each member of RGB has ensured that the academic life is harnessed to social well-being while remaining connected with the soil and with each other.  

Our 15,000+ Alumni from the most powerful and illustrious alumni network. This became possible through our 4 Decades old legacy that helped us in extending our reach to many of the world’s biggest and best companies, to corner offices, to top floors, as well as exciting new startups. 


We succeeded in taking a giant leap from being connected to creating an impact. 

RGBS Legacy


To make the world a better place by creating and disseminating world-class education and by preparing future leaders who can take up global challenges

RGBS Legacy


To be a leader among Management schools in seizing opportunities to benefit humanity through bold achievements and world-class education.

We will achieve our mission and vision by abiding to our core values, which are:

  • Societal Impact – Passion for making a positive difference in the world 
  • Educating Leaders – Dedication to providing students with advanced professional knowledge that is applied with honesty and wisdom, so they are fully prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow. 
  • Innovation – Determination to spark new ideas, create opportunities and lead in teaching and research while abiding by the highest standards of ethics 
  • Excellence Through Diversity – Commitment to diversity, which in our definition is to listen and be tolerant to and welcoming every person’s perspectives and lived experiences 
  • Co-efficiency – Marked by collaboration, teamwork and support for each other’s success 

Our Goals

We will pursue: 
  • A focused and high-impact learning with disciplinary strength which we will bring in with the help of our world-renowned faculties.
  • The highest-quality student experience rich in experiential learning and deployed with effective and case-based teaching pedagogy. 
  • A diverse and engaged community that supports innovation in education and welcome ideas.
  • A professional community of faculty and staff committed to shaping the future success of our students.
  • A community of alumni, friends and corporate/private foundation partners engaged in advancing the mission of RGBS.