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Campus 360 / Student Experience

At RGBSexperience means collaboration, fostering inclusive communities that think alike, and learning and growing by doing. We believe that our students need a multifaceted educational experience to think globally and develop the skills to navigate the complexity of the dynamic marketplace and society at large. We offer all of our students extraordinary opportunities to learn, grow, and pursue their own unique pathway to success because the truth is there is no single path to success. 

We’re Committed to Your Success 

We are deeply committed to ensuring that you have access to all of the support and answers you need to thrive in the business world and get the most out of the experience. 

Your college experience will comprise of : 

  • Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Mentoring Sessions 
  • Global Immersion 
  • Classroom Innovation 

1. Diversity & Inclusion

At RGBS, we prioritize inclusion because we know that communities grow and flourish when good people come up with different ideas on the same platform and engage in meaningful conversations. We aim to recruit, support, and educate a community as diverse and transparent as the global workforce, and to celebrate the possibilities of our shared talents by embracing each other’s backgrounds. We believe a collection of diverse backgrounds and perspectives enriches our community by challenging status quos, inspiring thoughtful discussion, and contributing to the development of solutions that are logical and can be implemented. 

Diversity Inclusion
Mentoring Session

2. Mentoring Sessions

From the moment you are accepted, a faculty will be assigned to you who will help you to make the right choices and find the right resources that will set you up for success in the business world or whatever next you want to pursue after graduation. By working closely with every student to cultivate and reinforce a sense of purpose, belongingness, resourcefulness, capability, and connection, the Student Services team will help you live and breathe your personal pathway to success. Your strengths and weaknesses will be carefully monitored to give you tangible goals to achieve in the next 30 days and so on. 

3. Global Immersion

Today, every business is global. Even if it’s not, it should think globally. At RGBS, we’re committed to helping all of our students gain a global perspective because we believe that will produce leaders unstoppable or unhinged by geographical boundaries. It’s no longer about studying abroad; it’s about making sure that you leave with an in-depth understanding of how today’s capital markets, geopolitical factors, and cultural context function and affect modern business. 

Global Immersion

4. Classroom Innovation

One of our hallmarks is welcoming corporations and corporate leaders into the classroom because we know that these learning opportunities greatly benefit our students in getting placed into their dream companies. Our faculty often collaborates with our esteemed alumni community and invite them back to take classes and lead discussions about their biggest business shortcomings and the right approach to deal with them. Our signature PGDM course with an integrated approach helps you to apply the business concepts that matter.