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Traits of an exemplar PGDM student

PGDM is a globally recognized program and is considered as one of the most popular management courses. Top PGDM colleges accept huge number of applications every year and total 150-300 seats are allotted for PGDM courses. Clearly noted, there is a tough competition out there for the PGDM aspirants and no shortcut, but good preparation is important to achieve the desired goal. 

While selecting students for a PGDM course, colleges make sure whether the candidate is suitable for his/her choice of programme. The colleges not only test the quantitative abilities during the entrance exam, but also look for the soft skills. This is the reason why Personal interviews and Group Discussions are an important part of the PGDM admission process of top management colleges in India. 

Even if a candidate aces the entrance examination, the colleges tend to look more skills and practical knowledge that a candidate should have in order to complete a PGDM course. Below-mentioned are some of the top qualities that the B-schools look out for in the candidates while selecting the, for a PGDM programme.  

Characteristics required in a PGDM candidate 

Analyzing potential decisions 

A PGDM course is majorly about case-studies and practical approach. The top B-schools of India select candidates who can deal wellbeing in the stressful situation without panicking and can take growth-oriented decisions.  

Proper Insight  

Top PGDM colleges look for students with strong viewpoint and idea. Their goal is to lead the students and make their future bright. Thus, you are required to have strong perspective and clear-mindset while going through the personal interviews conducted by top B-schools.  

Leadership Abilities 

What you have achieved so far, must clearly state your leadership qualities. This is another significant quality that B-schools usually look out for in a PGDM student because at the end of the day, every management institute intends to produce PGDM graduates that can become future business tycoons.  

Rational Skills 

To analyze problems and stressful situations is the basic trait that every PGDM students must have. Every interview, group discussions and entrance exams, ensure to test the analyzing capabilities of a student.  

Solution-Focused Approach 

If you wish to be getting on board with the top PGDM College, your approach must be solution oriented. This is a basic characteristic that every B-school values. Because as a top authority of any form, it is important for you to come up with sensible and affordable solutions during difficult situations.  

Excellent Communication Skills 

How you present yourself is really important in a management sector. To have great communication skills in order to be a good presenter is what every B-school looks forth in a student who is ready to begin the PGDM journey. This is the key skill that will be required during the personal interview. 


Dedication and perseverance are very important to reach heights in anything and everything and even more in the management field. Every employer is in search of students who are enthusiastic and dedicated toward his/her work. And has a curiosity to learn more.  

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