Why Do We Need Feminism?

Why Do We Need Feminism?

Feminism, in India, can be considered as nothing short of rocket science.   

You can open a whole spectrum of ideologies associated with this term. While there is no dearth of half-truths and stereotypes related to feminism, there are many feminists themselves who promote a very flawed perception of the ideology.  

To get to the very core of it and eradicate it, we need to begin from the students. They are impressionable and logical when taught right.  

I am no expert, but I believe in fighting the myths and stereotypes with facts. After all, they are dragging the name of feminism down. So, here is my opinion on why feminism should be implemented in colleges.  

The Definition  

Feminism is not a coup de tat, not something to inflate your ego with, and certainly not an evil conspiracy taken up by women to conquer the world.   

Feminism is an ideology and a movement, period.  

What started as a movement for women’s right to vote over two centuries ago has evolved into an all-encompassing movement-cum-ideology for gender parity.  

The ideology is essentially against the status quo where one sex dominates the other and advocates for equality. Its objective is to establish an opportunity for equality to rise and gain a prominent place.   

At the same time, feminism aims to break the social constructs of ‘gender’ to create a society of equals. In that respect, the subject concerns women as well as men. Take, for instance, the emotional spectrum of the two umbrella genders.  

Societal norms and rules force upon men to be emotionally and mentally strong. Feminism is all about breaking these irrational and frankly, illogical gender norms.  


The Stereotypes and Myths  

There is a space for ignorance as wide as the seven oceans of the world when it comes to feminism. Some feminists project the idea in a negative way that makes others perceive the idea as an ugly concept. Here are a few myths I want to debunk.  

  • Feminists Hate Men   

Many people, both men and women, are of the view that feminists are a group of evil women who hate men and everything about men. This is absolutely, unequivocally false. There is an entirely different term that defines prejudice, hatred, and contempt against men. It is called misandry.   

Feminism was never started to promote the concept of misandry among the masses. It was to create a sense of equality in the society by empowering women. Ergo, them having an equal social standing as men. If you call yourself a feminist and denounce men, you have it all wrong.   

We have somehow gone so down into the dark waters of misunderstanding of the concepts that feminism is now seen as an evil idea. People no longer want to associate themselves as feminists all due to the misinterpretation and terrible interpretation in the society.   

  • Women Want to Rule the World  

Radical feminism is a philosophy within the feminist ideology that calls for a radical restructuring of the society to eliminate the ‘sexual distinction’ between men and women. 

It argues that the age-old perseverance and perpetuation of steady patriarchy have discriminated women and benefitted men. Therefore, this patriarchal rule must be abolished.  

Though this idea seeks the eradication of the patriarchal society; it fails to establish a better alternative. Feminists who believe that women are made to rule the world and have a matriarchal rule, fail to understand the basic point. That there is no absolute need to establish power over the other gender.   

The Truth   

Feminism has become a controversial and sensitive topic that most people would want to escape from. There are a lot of flawed ideas of feminism, some of which I did my best to debunk above.   

We cannot deny the existence of women who play the victim card every chance they get and falsely accuse men of debauchery. These false feminists, men and women alike, and their lofty perceptions have made a travesty of the entire first wave of feminism movement.    

At the very core of the ideology lies a simple notion – to bring the genders together and place them on an equal pedestal. The fact that women have always stood three steps below the men creates the very foundation of this concept and why we need feminism.  

In Conclusion  

For all of the reasons mentioned above, what once started as a noble concept, a fight for rights, has ended as a warped defense of ego. Students should be taught about feminism or gender equality (same thing) right from the beginning.  

Educational institutions should take it upon themselves to educate their students of the very foundation of feminism so they understand the crux of it. Once they understand the concept, the implementation of it in the right way is not far.  

RCM takes pride in announcing an environment that takes into account talent and skills rather than entitlement and gender. We refuse to adhere to the age-old societal ideologies of perceiving one gender over the other. At the campus, you are an individual and your own unique person. At RCM, you define your normal, not your gender. 

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