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For students, the decision to choose engineering for an undergraduate course comes pretty early in their lives. Once they complete their education, some have it easy whence coming to a decision about taking the next step. At the same time, there are some who are left confused due to the plethora of choices spread out for them to choose from. They often find themselves asking, “What are the options after B.Tech?” or “After B.Tech which course is best?”  

And this is where a PGDM program in RGBS takes the spotlight.  

What is PGDM course?  

First, let’s unfurl the complexities of a PGDM Course. PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a 2-year program offered to any student who is eager to learn about management. This course follows no discrimination where it allows any student from any educational background to join the course.   

B.Tech jobs after doing a PGDM course is limitless. Be it Data Scientist, Project Manager, General Accounting, Tax Accounting, anything. The sky is the limit.  

To those who are still unsure what to do after B.Tech, we are here to help you.  

Here’s why doing PGDM after B-tech should be your first and foremost choice:  


Broader Career Landscape  

Applying for a PGDM course will open the world of diversity that otherwise had a narrow scope during your engineering. If you’ve caught yourself asking, “After B.Tech, what should I do?”, then going for a PGDM course will answer your questions. A PGDM course will teach you a wide variety of courses. From our courses like finance, marketing, operations, statistics, economics, HR, IT, etc. at RGBS, you will have diversity at your fingertips. You have a wider playing field and can expand your horizons in either one of these. Once you have this exposure you can work across multiple sectors of business.  

Practical Teaching And Learning  

Often times, education fail to provide us with street-smartness. A PGDM program will transform you to be more knowledgeable about the real world. A PGDM Course after B.Tech focuses on case study based method of teaching that allows students to face real challenges in the real world. The real-life based case studies, in RGBS, lets students place themselves in the shoes of company managers. Visiting faculties from various international and national mammoth corporations bring in real life experience right inside the classroom.  

PGDM Course

Broader Cultural Horizons  

Going for a PGDM course will present to you the kind of diversity that few experiences in their lives. A PGDM class gushes with diversity– with students drawn from multiple fields – arts, commerce, engineering who are filled with diverse experiences. This allows a different learning dimension to the class as the students learn from each other.

Narrow Versus Broad: Understand Business In Totality  

After B.Tech jobs hunting can be a difficult feat. With a PGDM course, you get to learn everything you need to get through the tough world of corporate jobs. From how to manage budgets in the Finance class; how to sell and market in the Marketing section; handling supply chain and logistics; compliance with the laws of the land are some of the different business dimensions that you would be exposed to.  

Personal Skills: Become A Manager  

A PGDM student gets to hone his personality, building him up to become a leader. In the curriculum, a PGDM course will have you work in large gatherings and aim for a common goal. These activities work towards effectively developing your personality and equip you with the ability to drive yourself to give your best in everything.   

Better Earning Potential  

PGDM after engineering assures a higher salary rate in the career field. Given the right skill sets, PGDM courses are generally valued higher in the corporate world and are compensated accordingly.  


PGDM eligibility is not too exclusive for students who want to pursue higher education in entrepreneurship.  

The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Management is to have at least a 3-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities/AICTE as eligible for Post Graduate studies or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Govt of India.  

Due to the pandemic scenario this year, the students will be given a huge opportunity. According to the AICTE guidelines, the entrance exams to be held in the year 2020 for all MBA/PGDM colleges will not be executed. All candidates will be admitted on the basis of their qualifying examination marks by preparing a merit list in a transparent method.  


Our excellent PGDM Course will ensure our students uber successful career opportunities in various sectors and train them to constantly reach new heights.  

After a PGDM Program, a student can go on to become a Data Scientist, Consultant, Project Manager, Auditor, get immeasurable opportunities in General Accounting, Tax Accounting, Entrepreneurship and many more.  

A PGDM course at RGBS will prepare you to understand business and all other aspects related to it. If you had an idea which you couldn’t see ahead due to domain knowledge constraints, you will be able to mitigate those. 


In recent times, there’s a growing trend for engineering students to go in for entrepreneurship straight after completing their engineering degree. Sometimes, the idea that made them turn entrepreneurial does not scale or find wide acceptance. Rather than start from the ground up in an engineering job, graduates can pursue an PGDM degree – both to understand the broader business dimension as also to give themselves a fresh boost to their careers.